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If you ride motorbikes this course is a must.....and it's a FREE!!Bikerdown Gloucesterhsire

It is specifically designed to give Motor Cyclists and /or pillions the relevant Emergency First Aid Skills to deal with a serious Motor Bike Accident whilst waiting for the Professionals to arrive. 

Biker Down! workshops were conceived by Kent Fire & Rescue Service back in 2011 and since then have expanded the delivery of the workshops, the vast majority of them are delivered by local Fire & Rescue service personnel across the UK.  

Their workshops are always held on a Friday evening throughout the season, starting promptly at 1800hrs, due to the amount of content to discuss.  It caters for 24 riders and / or pillions and is free of charge. Albeit primarily for motorcyclists, we have had a number of car / truck drivers attend. Bikerdown2

The workshop is split into 3 main parts, roughly an hour for module 1 and 3, firstly module 1 safe scene management, module 2 about an hour and a half covers basic first aid, dealing with major bleeds, CPR and helmet removal and lastly, the science of being seen. Hopefully, the workshop will finish about 2130hrs, but that does depend on the questions asked and the interactions.

They are very fortunate to have access to SkillZONE, a Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Community building, located in Tuffley lane, Gloucester, where vehicles can be parked outside the main SkillZONE building for those attending our workshop. 

Attendees may wish to travel on their bikes, but it is not actually necessary, they may wish to bring their helmet which would save using a number of our “old” helmets, which we have (for practising helmet removal). 

All Biker Down! Courses are overseen by three volunteers who were, former Fire Fighters and Traffic Police Officers and have motorcycles, being National Observers / Examiners for both IAM RoadSmart and RoSPA. They use Facebook and twitter to publicise their cause. 

You can find them on FaceBook @bikerDownGloucestershire or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on course dates. 


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